Collecting Push Puppets

In the late 90’s I met one of my very good friends who happened to be an avid vintage toy collector.  While viewing his collection one day I was fascinated by a cabinet full of push puppets.  I immediately remembered these inexpensive little toys from my early childhood.  I was amazed at the large variety of these toys that he had in his collection.  They didn’t take up very much room, they were very colorful to look at and most important to me they were nostalgic.  I knew this was something I wanted to collect.

What’s Out There

I quickly realized that collecting push puppets was quite challenging.  The first challenge was the lack of a reference guide.  There is no way of knowing what is all out there and even after 10 years of collecting, I am continually surprised when previously unknown puppets show up on eBay.

The second challenge is availability.  There are so many rare push puppets that even with online auctions sites like eBay, a collector may have to wait years before a rare puppet comes
up for sale.

The third challenge is what type to collect.  A collector has the option of collecting by Brand such as Kohner or by collecting a certain type such as licensed character toys, etc.

Enjoy the Site

Now that you know why I am passionate about collecting push puppets, I hope you will browse the site and learn about these little toys.  With Special Thanks to my friend Perry Knox  for letting me photograph much of his collection, I believe this will be a great reference site for the collecting community.